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Welcome to Kitami Institute of Technology Repository (KIT-R)!

KIT-R is the system that stores the intellectual resources created by members of the Kitami Institute of Technology community. The digital contents in the space called DSpace provided by KIT-R can freely be accessed by anyone interested through the Internet.

[In case of use]
○The replication of data (print, download, etc.) obtained from the KIT-R is limited to research-study, learning, or/and education purposes.
○The displayed education/research results are only for personal use in accordance with the copyright law. Please cite properly when you use the results.



Communities in DSpace

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a1.機械工学科(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering )
a2.社会環境工学科(Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering )
a3.電気電子工学科(Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
a4.情報システム工学科(Dept. of Computer Sciences )
a5.バイオ環境化学科(Dept. of Biotechnology and Environmental Chemistry)
a6.マテリアル工学科(Dept. of Materials Science and Engneering)
a7.共通講座(Common Course)
b.社会連携推進センター(Cooperative Research & Community Collaboration Center )
c.機器分析センター (Instrumental Analysis Center)
d.環境・エネルギー研究推進センター(Environmental and Energy Resources Research Center)
e.情報処理センター(Information Processing Center)
h.保健管理センター(Health Adoministration Center )
i.国際交流センター(International Center)
j.事務局(Administrative Office)
k1.北見工業大学研究報告(Memoirs of The Kitami Institute of Technology)
k2.人間科学研究(Studies of Human Science)


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